The study of the gastrointestinal system, gastroenterology explores disease from the mouth to the anus. Conditions range from inflammatory       bowel disease to peptic ulcers. Endoscopy has revolutionized this specialty, with the ability to observe, biopsy and treat diseases of the internal viscera. We offer consultation, evaluation and treatment in all aspects of gastrointestinal, pancreatic and liver disease. Our gastroenterologist provides consultations and performs a wide variety of screening and therapeutic procedures to diagnose and treat common conditions as well as more complex malignancies of the digestive tract.


Our gastroenterologist can answer patient's questions, perform tests, make a diagnosis, and prescribe the best course of treatment.


Patients with a history of digestive disorders can either directly speak or meet our primary care physician about being referred to our gastroenterologist. Patients may not realize that their illness may be caused by a digestive disorder. Our gastroenterologist is especially trained to diagnose all types of digestive disorders and also have up-to-date information with the latest treatments available to patients.


Digestive disorders treated at Toronto Liver Center include:


   • Colonic Polyps

   • Diverticulosis of Colon

   • Hiatalus/ Hernia

   • Acute / Chronic / Pancreatitis

   • Barrett's Esophagus

   • Esophageal Varices

   • Crohn's Disease / Ulcerative Collitis

   • Acute & Chronic Gastritis

   • Gastric Ulcer

   • HBV, HCV, HDV

   • Other causes of Chronic Hepatitis


The Gastroenterology team at Toronto Liver Centre is a mutlidisplinary team led by Dr. Magdy Elkhashab and is comprised of a hard-working and dedicated group of doctors, nurses,and technicians. Our unique collaboration delivers clinical excellence and patient convenience with a holistic, friendly and caring approach. Since its establishment in 1994, the clinic has treated thousands of patients with a variety of liver and gastrointestinal problems. We pride ourselves in being actively involved in clinical research, which allows our patients access to novel therapies and the latest diagnostic technology.


Taking the time to explain treatment options and plans to our patients and their families is a high priority for our gastroenterology and hepatology team. Gastroenterology and hepatology team members also encourage patients and families to actively participate in decision-making over the course of care. Our Endoscopy suite and Infusion Center features a new generation of high-definition endoscopes and monitors that permit direct visualization of the various digestive pathways. This superior visualization results in better detection of abnormalities.


The following are procedures performed by Dr. Magdy Elkhashab, either at the office or at North York General Hospital:

    1. Colonoscopy

    2. Upper endoscopy (gastroscopy)

    3. Flexible sigmoidoscopy


For comfort and safety of the patients all procedures are performed under anesthesia with constant monitoring by anesthesiologist.


We offer some of the most sophisticated and specialized tests needed to diagnose gastrointestinal problems. In addition to diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy we routinely perform advanced motility procedures with high resolution equipment including esophageal motility, antro-duodenal motility, rectal motility and colonic motility.


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